Kids love to swim! The positives of swimming and how children will profit in the short and long term from learning water safety and swim strokes is far reaching. Swimming exercise involves cardiovascular activity, which enhances both heart and lung condition. Swimming also increases strength, endurance, flexibility and balance, thanks to the activity and movements involved in swim strokes. We have supported many children of all ages with swimming lessons.


Horse riding is great exercise, terrific therapy and a wonderful stress reliever. Riding develops balance and coordination. Many of our young riders gain a fabulous sense of well-being from interacting with horses.  Being outdoors and in contact with nature is another brilliant benefit of this sport!


Soccer and Gaelic, popular as ever with both boys and girls!. Great for fitness, coordination, team participation and social skills.


Over the last few years we have seen a huge increase in interest in cookery, which is fantastic. Last year, we had 16 children on courses. Supporting cookery classes for children is great for creating healthy eating habits whilst booting self esteem and confidence. We may have a michelin chef on our hands one of these days!


Art can play a pivotal role in developing a child's creativity, imagination, self expression, cognitive skills, fine motor skills and much much more. We have some great local Art classes that help FYD to support our budding Artists.


We have a brilliant local stage school called Talented Kids which has facilitated many children over the years learning creative drama, singing and dancing skills. Great for developing the necessary skills for future careers in show business or just to increase confidence, coordination and all round social skills. Children can choose to work with another team of their choice subject to meeting criteria.


Very popular with our young members is Irish Dancing, many participate in competitions and Feiseanna around the country. Irish Dancing is wonderful for fitness and social interaction.


We have seen so many children blossom when learning a musical instrument. Learning an instrument has been proven to boost self esteem, social skills, coordination and even academic skills. We

have violinists, pianists, guitarists to mention but a few. Lessons can be one to one where necessary but mostly in a group enviroment.