• Sean M 15 yrs old

I started in FYD in 2011. I picked football as my dream and Sister Gemma helped me with the financial part of it. I play with Cherry Orchard FC, I have had many opportunities in the Club. Over the years I have played in many tournaments, I played in the MIC tournament in Barcelona and we reached the semi-finals. I have played in England many times against clubs such as Man City, Fulham, Derby City, Chesterfield and Brentford. I was also selected to play for DDSL - Dublin District Schoolboys. We played in the Kennedy Cup in 2015 and reached the finals. In July 2016 we played in Northern Ireland Super Cup, formally Milk Cup, and also in the Galway Cup against teams such as Ipswich, Leads, Ireland International team and we won! I am now progressing on to League of Ireland Football. Without the help of FYD I would not have been able to do all this as it is very expensive. My ultimate dream is to one day have a career in Football. I would like to thank everyone for their continuous support.

  • Molly

My name is Molly and I’m taking riding lessons in Callingstown Equestrian Centre. I started my lessons last year with the help of Follow your Dream Project. I love it and my pony's name is Culskey.

  • Sean 13 yrs old

I started with Talented Kids through FYD 2 years ago. I can honestly say it's the best thing that ever came into my life, I've had great sucess so far and I know there is more sucess to come. I've worked as an extra on 4 big movies. The experience alone is thrilling and I cant wait to be a professional actor.  I've had major sucess as a sports model with a big sports company (got loads of clothes!). All well paid jobs, the work just keeps coming in, I consider myself very lucky. FYD has totally changed my life for the better and I would like to say thank you all so much as none of this would be possible without FYD.

  • Geraldine (Parent)

'My daughter got involved in FYD when she was in 5th class. Her choice of activity was basketball. Seven years later, she is still involved, having gone from strenght to strenght.She also got the opportunity to be an assistant coach and coach for the little ones. She made new and lasting friendships. Her self discipline, concentration and fitness all improved, as did her team player attitude. All this attributes will be of value to her in the years ahead. Activities for the young generations are vitally important for their future health and well-being. I would like to say a special thank you to FYD, keep up the good work!.'

  • Alex 9 yrs old

'Because of FYD I am becoming a very good swimmer. I look forward to the nights out and especially the panto. Thank you FYD'

  • Kayleigh 14 yrs old

'If it wasn't for FYD I wouldnt have had the experiences of performing in the Gaiety Theatre and other large theatres also. I am very grateful and I appreciate all that you have done.'

  • Naoishe 11 yrs old

'I do cooking in Deansrath Community college. FYD is a great opportunity to have fun, to learn new things and make new friends. Sr Gemma gave all the children an opportunity to follow their dreams. Every child and parent, enjoy FYD, Follow your dreams!'

  • Alan & Kathleen (Parents)

'FYD is a god send as is Sr Gemma. Her aim is to give every child a chance at following their dream. For many without this group would have no chance at all. The amount of children who are in activities and off the streets doing something they love. I think Willie Wonka spoke about Sr Gemma when he said ' we are the makers of dreams, we are the dream makers'.'

  • Chelsey 14 yrs old

'The people involved are great to have and make the experience even better. I would encourage all young people to join if the can as they too will be able to follow their dream.'

  • Ellie 9 yrs old

'I have been in stage school for 3 years now and I love it. Without FYD I would not be able to go every week.'

  • Dean 10 yrs old

'I've been kickboxing for 3 years now and I'm coming up to the Nationals which could take me to Italy. I am almost a brown belt now and to think I nearly gave up my sport and FYD helped me'.

  • Catherine & John (Parents)

'Without FYD, we would not have been able to give our children the opportunities they have enjoyed and that has moulded their characters into the wonderful young adults they have become. A very big thank you to Sister Gemma and the FYD team.'

  • Gillian 20 yrs old

'As part of FYD, I joined Stagezone stage school and spent five years there. This inspired me to study drama at university, none of which would have happened without FYD.'

  • Edel 15 yrs old

'I have gained a lot of confidence, met loads of friend and have gotten amazing memories from all of the stage shows I've taken part in. All would not have been possible without FYD.'

  • Liam 16 yrs old

I joined FYD when I was 12 years old and it gave me a great opportunity to meet new friends and to try new things. Through FYD I have joined a basketball team, learned Karate and joined a drama school where I have performed in many shows. FYD gives Students a chance to gain life experience and skills.

  • Ruth (Parent)

'As a parent, FYD has helped me keep my kids in activities and to know I have the financial support of FYD is huge for me and my kids. I don't have to worry about not been able to help my kids follow their dreams. I am very grateful for FYD.'

  • Alan & Denyse (Parents)

'FYD has given our daughters the opportunity to study music for the past 5 years. This support has allowed them to play in such venues as the Helix, National Concert Hall and the Mansion House. Without FYD this would not be possible.'

  • Abby 13 yrs old

'FYD is great because it pays half of what you want to do, it was a big help for my mam because I have 2 sisters so it took some of the pressure off her. I really enjoy dancing. It really helps that the FYD project is there to help people.'

  • Veronica (Parent)

'I have never seen my daughter so excited and happy about anything. She looks forward to her lesson so much. I think the FYD project is woderful and only for it, a lot of children would not get to do the things they really love to do.'

  • Chloe 11 yrs old

'I asked my mam could I do horseriding lessons and she said they were too expensive. I was disappointed but when I went into 5th class I joined FYD and now I have started lessons and I love it. One day I would like to do show jumping and thanks to FYD now I will have a chance.'

  • Jacqueline & Russell (Parents)

'Both of our daughters take dancing lessons in Scoil Rince Nic Liam in Bawnogue. Every month there is a Feis, most of which are held outside Dublin and we have to travel which sometimes costs 30 or 40 euros. FYD has been a big help towards the cost of dancing and we are very grateful.'